Data for power


    Hello hello! You've arrived at a quirky corner of the internet. Someone who loves both her union and data visualization has decided to share a tool. Welcome to the Bubble Chart. This is a tool for unionists to map out relationships, support, organization and various groupings among the rank and file.

    Upload your worker data!

    Upload a CSV file to get started. Not sure what your data should look like? Peruse this example of a fake exotic wild-life rehab center. If you want to take a test drive of this tool, you can also load the data here by downloading a CSV of the "Unit Members " tab. We know organizing data can be sensitive. Rest assured this upload will not be sent to a server and will not persist when you close the window for the application. No one will be seeing this data but you.

    Customize chart

    You can't get very far without uploading some data!